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April 14
11th Annual Fulton Mentored Student Research Conference

On Thursday, April 9th, BYU’s College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences held the 11th Annual Fulton Conference. The conference is a full-day event sponsored by the Mary Lou Fulton chair, which was established by her husband in 2004.

            Held in the Wilkinson Center Ballroom, the Fulton provides students an opportunity to present their mentored research to other students, faculty members, and the public in a structured environment. Students and professors team up to complete studies, then detail their findings on a large poster which is displayed at the conference. There were over 250 poster’s in this years conference.

            Posters and presentations were judged at the conference, and winners were selected from various subjects. First place winners were awarded a cash prize of $300, second place winners received $200, and third place received $100. In addition, some honorable mention selections received $50. The winners (mentors in parentheses) and their posters were:

Anthropology (Undergraduate)

1st  place: Sharissa Nielsen (John Edward Clark), Death and Family: Identity in Burials at Magdalenska gora

2nd place: Bethany Jensen (John Edward Clark), They’ll Never be Royals: The “Purple” Textiles of Fag el-Gamous

Economics (Undergraduate)

1st place: Evan Magnusson, Isaac Swift (Kerk Phillips), The Distributional Effects of Redistributional Tax Policy

Geography (Undergraduate)

1st place: Katherine Morrell (Michael Clay), Analyzing Location Choice of Large Real-estate Developments in the Sacramento, California Metropolitan Region: A Study for Urban Planning

History (Undergraduate)

1st place: Luke Miller (Aaron Skabelund), In the World but Not of It, Responses of LDS Leaders to the Vietnam War

2nd place: Patrick Harris, Matt McClure (Aaron Skabelund), Fighting fires and foes: Redefining early modern Japanese fireman identity through traditional samurai values

3rd place: Rachel Brisson, Sixuan Lu, Elizabeth Stahl (Aaron Skabelund), Japanese Ghosts and Goblins: The Rise of Bakemono Popularity

Political Science (Undergraduate)

1st place: Alejandra Gimenez, Joshua Cooper (David Magleby), The Effect of Information in Supporting an Increase in the Federal Minimum Wage

2nd place: Eliza Campbell, Emily Tanner, Daehyeon Kim (Darren Hawkins), Neighbors Across Borders: Improving Support for Muslim Refugees in the United States

3rd place: Alex Miller (Celeste Beesley), Tweeting Terrorism: An Analysis of Female ISIS Twitter Postings and Current ISIS Recruitment Theories

Honorable Mention: John Griffith (Chris Karpowitz), Who Deserves Coverage?: Determining Utahns’ Ideal Medicaid Recipient

Psychology (Undergraduate)

1st place: Randall Beck, Cynthia Perry (Michael Larson), Polymorphisms of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Gene and the Association with Stress

2nd place: Kaylie Carbine, Cory Pettit, Kyle Hill (Michael Larson), Neural Mechanisms of Inhibitory Control: Predictors of Eating Behavior in Obesity

3rd place: Randall Beck, Brady Anderson (Michael Larson), Reversal Learning in Autism: Neural and Behavior Performance Monitoring

Neuroscience (Undergraduate)

1st place: S. Andrew Aston (Dee Higley), A SNP in the Promoter Region of the Rhesus Macaque CRH Gene Interacts with Early Rearing Experiences to Influence Anxious Behavior

School of Family Life (Undergraduate)

1st place: Bonnie Young (Brian Willoughby), YOU WATCHED WHAT?! Does the Type of Pornography Influence Depression?

2nd place: Melanie Cox (Richard Miller), Perceptions of Change: a Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Midlife Marriage

3rd place: Chad Johnson, Chelsea Borup, Becky Hinchcliff, Hugh Pinnock (Sarah Coyne), Above the Law: Justified Externalizing Behaviors in Detective Television Shows

Honorable Mention: Nathan Leonhardt (Brian Willoughby), Pornography and Marital Beliefs: Longitudinal links between pornography use, marital importance, and sexual values

Honorable Mention: Madison Memmott, Kevin Collier, Juli Webb, Michon Andreason, Aubrey Sharp (Sarah Coyne, Laura Walker), “I’ll Stand by You”: A Meta Analysis on the Effects of Prosocial Media Use

Sociology (Undergraduate)

1st place: Shelby M. McNeill (Kristie Phillips), The Legacy of School Desegregation: How Schools Influence Neighborhood Diversity

2nd place: Ian Peacock (Benjamin Gibbs), How Much Does School Readiness Matter? A Non-Linear Approach for Understanding Intragenerational (Im)mobility

3rd place: Brooke Zufelt (Mikaela Dufur), Effect of a Disabled Child on Maternal Workforce Participation

Honorable Mention: Florencia Silviera, ShaNae Foster (Kristie Phillips), International Test Scores: A Class by Class Comparison

Honorable Mention: Marina Potter (Renata Forste), Adolescent Body Dissatisfaction and Emotional Distress

Psychology (Graduate)

1st place: Michelle Nash, Seth Spencer (Brock Kirwan), Exploring Physical Activity Differences in Pattern Separation

2nd place: Jonathan Mietchen (Shawn Gale), Fractional Anisotropy of the Ventral Striatum Following Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in Children

3rd place: Max Maisel, Jon Cox, Kevin Stephenson (Mikle South), The Relationship Between Dispositional Mindfulness and Anxiety in Autism

Neuroscience (Graduate)

1st place: Malia Anderson, MaryJo Talley (Brock Kirwan), The Effect of Reward on Memory

School of Family Life (Graduate)

1st place: Kevin Stott (Jeremy Yorgason), Depression and Mutually Satisfying Sexual Experience as Predictors of Pain in Baby-Boomers

Social Work (Graduate)

1st place: Erik Wells (Kevin Shafer), Depression Affects Father Involvement

2nd place: Lindsay Powell (Jini Roby, Spencer James), Prosocial Behavior Among Institutionalized Children in Ghana: The Importance of Wellbeing and Social Connection

3rd place: Ryan D. Turner, Aaron Parks (Kevin Shafer, David Wood), Combat and Attachment Style: A Stepfamily Perspective

Honorable Mention: Kevan A. Baker (Kevin Shafer, Erin Holmes), Father’s Depression: A Link to Adolescent Risk-Taking?

Sociology (Graduate)

1st place: Maika Malualelagi Tuala, Michelle Lucier (Mikaela Dufur), The Segregating Effects of the Social Construction of Academic Quality

Redd Center Winners

1st place: Matthew Beck (Adam Brown), WRESTLING ELEPHANTS, TANGLING TUSKS: Understanding the Rift among Utah Republicans

2nd place: Christine Edmunds (John Edward Clark), Burned Out: Site Abandonment of Alkali Ridge Site 13, Southern Utah

3rd place: Tyler Simms (David Magleby), War Wary? Not in Utah


Congratulations to the winners, and all other participants in another successful conference.           



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